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San Carlos Estates Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade!!!

This event will begin Saturday, December 23, 2023 around 5:45 PM.  This is an excellent way to meet many of your neighbors and celebrate with them.  Residents are encouraged to show up early for social meet and greet.  The Parade will start at the Entrance Median on Strike Lane and proceed to the end of Strike Lane and back to the Median.   Dress up your golf cart in Christmas gear.   We look forward to seeing you there. 


Great News!!! Work in the District has begun!!!   The canals are being cleaned out and you may notice unfamiliar faces in your backyard, especially those living on Strike Lane who have the canal running behind your homes.   The cleaning crew will have large equipment that must travel behind those homes on the south side of Strike Lane.  Some residents do have personal belongings in the Right of Way such as children's toys, golf set-ups.  We are asking for your assistance to kindly remove your items to allow for easy access to the canal, by the cleaning crew and their equipment.   This work will continue to the perimeter roads.  We are asking for the same cooperation from those residents whose homes are adjacent to Tuck, Moriah and Bonita Bill.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Management and Board of Supervisors



Halloween  Golf Cart Parade  * This event is sponsored by the Residents of San Carlos Estates.  

Saturday 10/28/2023 @ 6 pm. 

Residents will meet at the entrance of Strike Lane in the median. 

Decorate your golf cart for this event.  Come and meet your neighbors for a spooktacular ride!



We are hiring a new Secretary Treasurer!  This is a part time position.  Serve as Fiscal Agent of the District and be responsible to the District's Board of Supervisors for proper administration of the fiscal affairs of the District, including but not limited to , matters referenced in Chapter 298 of Florida Statutes, Especially 298.17, Florida Statues, as amended. 

The Treasurer's specific job duties shall include, but not limited to the following tasks: (I) receipt, deposit and accounting for all of the district’s tax/assessments and other District income.   (II) Payment/disbursement of District funds to repay bonds and to pay other fiscal obligations of the district as directed by the Board.  (III) preparation of the draft of the annual District budget and assisting the Board for approval.   (IV)  administer the annual budget.  (V) advise the Board at monthly meetings, and as requested by the Board, as to the fiscal status of the district.  (VI)  Overseeing bank accounts, providing monthly reports.  (VII) Assisting the District's Auditor with annual financial audits.   Must be able to use quickbooks, microsoft, word, and excell.  The sceretary must also engage in grant applications and letter writing as the boards deems necessary.  Frequent trips to the bank and Post Office.  Traveling is a requirement.  Must have valid drivers license and transportation.   This position qualifies for bonding status. 

Please send Resume to



The Board is requesting bids for annual canal cleaning and perimeter road trimming.  Please contact Engineer Ron Edenfield of RMEC LLC for more information.



May contain: body part, hand, person, and finger

The gate has been replaced and will be operational effective 02/13/2022 to provide people with adequate notice so they can respond appropriately.  Many non-residents have become accustomed to the gate being open creating traffic jams at the site and increased traffic on our roadways.  The decision was made to allow them time to adjust their behaviors to avoid any potential damage to the new gate or traffic issues at the location.

For those with remotes, the remotes will continue to operate the new gate.  It has been found that many remotes that have been tested needed new batteries.  It is highly recommended that you put a new battery for any existing remote you have.  Or if you experience an issue with your remote, to replace the battery.  Otherwise there have been no other issues with the existing remotes operating the gate.

There are also signs in the community advising residents and non-residents alike on the status of the gate.


New email addresses for the Board and Team at the District:

    General email:


The Annual Landowner Meeting mailing was mailed on August 26, 2023.  Every property owner should have received a copy.  If you have not, please contact the District either by telephone at 239-495-4699 or by email at  We have received a number of returned envelopes.  It is very important to keep your address current with the Lee County Property Appraiser.  If not, you will not  receive your information timely.  If you received the mailing but sold your property between May and September, please let us know so we can send the mailing to the new owners of the property.

Included in the mailing was the billing notice for any unpaid CIP PH II assessment due for property within the Water Control District.  If we do not have a current mailing address, you will not receive the billing and be delinquent.


The next monthly meeting for the Board of Supervisors will be held on 09/23/2023 at 10:05 AM at the Gulf Shore Church located at 25300 Bernwood Drive, Bonita Springs, FL  34135.


Save the date!  The Monthly Board Meeting and Annual Landownders Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at the Gulfshore Life Center (Gulf Shore Church) located at 25300 Bernwood Drive, Bonita Springs FL  34135.  The Annual Landowners Meeting begins at 10:00 AM. The Monthly Board Meeting will be begin at 10:05 AM or at the conclusion of the Annual Landowners Meeting. 

The San Carlos Estates Water Control District has an amazing team-spirited panel.   Led by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. James Bradford, this team has worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents of San Carlos Estates, investing countless hours working with the City of Bonita Springs to help our community to be allocated with financial assistance on neighboring communities through a mitigation strategy plan on current and future resolutions to help with our financial needs.  This panel has accomplished much in making sure this community survived Hurricane Ian with minimal damages and with a speedy recovery.

This District now has a new website that is compliant with Chapter 298 District rules and regulations.  Though many were involved in the making of the website, Supervisor John Cellucci initiated and guided this accomplishment from start to finish.  Board members are always working without recognition for the good of this community.  They contribute several hours of dedication to accomplish the much-needed services for our community, sometimes averaging 20-30 plus hours a week.  The compensation for this labor of love for this community pays $50.00 a month.   Each year a term expires for a Board Member.  Therefore, an opportunity exists for the public to express interest and request consideration for one of those positions.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please be willing to work hard and contact Manager Audrey Medeiros @ or via phone 239-495-4966.  Your name will be added to the list of potential nominees.  It would be very helpful to have a short biography or statement of intent/desire to add to the website so everyone can get to know you.

Persons interested in being nominated for the Supervisor position to be voted upon at the September 23, 2023 Annual Landowners Meeting:

James M. Bradford - Current Chair and President - Jim plans to run for another term as Supervisor for the Board for the San Carlos Estates Water Control District.  He has so many plans for the District and projects under discussion with multiple governmental agencies that he feels compelled to see what he has started completed for the benefit of all of the residents.